Bornhack (Day 1)

Aug. 16, 2018, 8:45 p.m.
By: silverbaq
Programming Hackathon

Bornhack is up and running. So far, I only have positive things to say about the event!


The entire trip started out by being picked up by a bus with a broken window, chicken wire over a self-installed ventilation and with a bus driver that looked even more broken then the bus itself (Aka. The ultimate "hacker" bus). The bus had started in Aalborg, driven to Aarhus before coming to Odense. So to my big surprise, the bus only had two passengers when it arrived in Odense to pick us up. Never the less, we were under our away. In Copenhagen, we had changed to a bigger and more modern bus. This was more comfortable, but not a cool to travel in. 

After some hours of driving, a ferry ride and some more driving, we arrived at Bornhack on Bornholm! It was 01:00 AM, kinda dark and we all needed to put up our tents. Without going into too many details, I believe that most people managed to get their tent up correctly.

The first day

Woke up around 07:00 AM ( is a weekday....), took a short walk around the camp and ended up drinking a cup of coffee with another young hacker that had the same problems sleeping any longer. I didn't brink any food at home, so after looking up grocery shopping possibilities on Google Maps, I realized that the closest options for shopping were 8 km away. Well, not to bad, there are bicycles available, free for usage if anyone needs.

After getting back after my supply run, it was time to get started hacking. One of the projects I want to work on at Bornhack is to look at the security for an RFID token, and hopefully be able to make a clone of my former work college Moozer, so that I can get access to the coffee machines at EAL/UCL.

To do this, I have brought an ESP8266 microcontroller running micro-python and an RFID-RC522 read/writer. After playing around with it, on and off with breaks where I socialized with others the Bornhack, I got the hardware to work. 

At this point, I am able to read some data from an RFID and write some data to an RFID. There is still some work to do before I am where I believe I should be to make a successful clone of the token. There will most likely also be a key I need to figure out since the information on the token might be encrypted - But being able to read and write at this point, is very satisfying. 

I do not expect to get any further with the project for today since I'm starting to become fairly exhausted and feel like just hanging out with others, rather than keeping on hacking for now...