Bornhack (Day 2)

Aug. 18, 2018, 10:45 a.m.
By: silverbaq

Sun is shining, the tent is getting hot and I really needed a shower. So, getting up and getting started with the day. Since I am a slow “runner” in the mornings, I decided to take it easy and fix a few bugs and adding a sitemap for google searching, on the W4 Django implementation while drinking my morning coffee.


Properly the biggest thing for most people for the day was the handing out of the Bornhack 2018 badges, which would take place when the “information desk” opened, and afterward, there was a talk about different badges and especially this year’s badge. Personally, I think the badge looks amazing! It contains a radio transmitter and a happy gecko chip, and the option to extend it with different components for your liking. I’m not sure at this point how much I am going to be playing around with the code for the badge during Bornhack. I mean, it would be super fun, but there are so many things that are nice to do all the time. So, time will tell…



In the schedule, there should also open a “treasure hunt”, with tokens hidden on the Bornhack website, as well as some hidden on the campsite. The one that finds the most tokens though out Bornhack would be the winner of “eternal glory”. Sadly, they decided to move this event to start tomorrow instead. I was prepared to sit down in an “air couch” with my laptop and look for tokens for an hour or two, so the rescheduling of the event start was kind of a bummer, but anyways, the weather was good, I had cold beer and was sitting comfortably – Hard to be annoyed for too long.


While I was sitting there, enjoying life, a lot of people who passed by kept talking about a new Netflix series called “Disenchantment”, which had premier today and that they would like to show the first episode on the big screen later on – With all the hype, why not join in to watch that?

My opinion on that show is that it had some jokes that I found funny, but also a lot of jokes that was a bit too “simple” for my taste. That said, I will give the show another shot when I get back home – Who knows, maybe it will grow on me?


The last event that evening, was going to be the first round of “Hacker-jeopardy”. I have always found this event funny, so I wanted to compete in the event. The categories were: “Ports in hex”, “Ports in binary”, “Game console release years”, “Tor”, “Bornhack”, “Bornhack network”, “Thinkpad models”, “Cryptography”, “Hacker movie quotes”, “Voltage”. The thing with jeopardy is that you get minus points when you answer incorrectly. We were off by one with most of the release years and took some wild guesses on some of the other questions. So, the points for the once we got correct did not add up to be enough to win. But we had fun, which was the most important part.