Bornhack (Day 3)

Aug. 19, 2018, 11:06 a.m.
By: silverbaq

Getting up and running

Rise and shine! Another day at Bornhack and the weather once again seems to allow shorts and t-shirt – Brilliant!

Going through the program of the day while drinking my morning coffee (soooo gooood….), it seemed to become some kind of an active day for me. There were two workshops I would like to be a part of (“Breaking an entrance” (lockpicking) and “ICI-BICI” (brain-computer interface for your phone)). The Bornhack CTF was also going to start, later on, so like I said, I was going to be an active day in the sense of a lot of productive events.



The two workshops that I wanted to participate in, started at noon and was right after each other. The first one being “Breaking an entrance” where we first got a small talk and introduction to how different doors can be bypassed. For instance, using a carjack to destroy a doorframe so the lock has no effect. We also got some very nice illustration of how a padlock works and the way we should approach the lockpicking part. I really find this topic interesting. Not that I’m going to be breaking an entrance (For now at least), but as a hacker, it is just kind of fun to have a skillset to bypass and manipulate stuff. So great workshop!

The “ICI-BICI” workshop was a bit different then I was expecting. Honestly, in hindsight, I’m not so sure what I actually expected, but the introduction started with the workshop holder saying that we should not expect to get any “wow-effect” and that the equipment was only slightly better than chance. The “ICI-BICI” is a small kit that had been developed, where you attached three small cups to the back of your head. These were connected to a small PCB which was connected to a smartphone through the jack-cable. You then run an application on your smartphone that had two different functionalities. First, there was a screen with the words “YES” and “NO”. By focusing on one of them, the application should be able to pick up which one you’re where thinking of.

The other functionality was a keyboard, where you should be able to type in words by focusing on the letter you wanted to type – the same idea as the YES/NO thing.

After seeing the kit in action, I would say it was completely up to change what the result was. Actually, for the “YES”, “NO” the result was more often incorrect then correct… But the idea was cool and it was fun to see.



I love playing CTF, so I had really been looking forward to the Bornhack CTF, which Pwnies had created and will be running for 48 hours. We made a Prosa team and to our surprise, there were no Web challenges – We know the Pwnies are not big fans of Web challenges, but no challenges at all?! Anyways, there are challenges in various skill level, which I think is super, so that there is something for everyone.

It quickly turned out that our team really have some skilled players, so we did get into the lead very quickly and we were still there when we went to bed. So far, so good.


Hanging out and enjoying myself

Besides all the “active” stuff, I also did manage to send a lot of time being social and chat with quite some different people, while being in the cooking area. Here, I once again discovered that I really do not like these “ready-to-throw-in-the-oven” pizzas you can buy I the shops. They just taste so badly and I get kind of nausea from eating them. (Note to self, NEVER buy one of them again!). I guess I should tryout the hotdog stand they have here at Bornhack the next time I get the feeling that I could eat junk food.