Bornhack (Day 4)

Aug. 20, 2018, 11:44 a.m.
By: silverbaq

 Sitting with my morning coffee once again, trying to figure out how to activate my brain once again. To my surprise, I realized that I had run out of breakfast, so the coffee would have to do for now. After having a small chat with some of the Prosa guys, I attach myself to a group that is taking a car for a shopping run, Perfect timing!

I’ve always been a fan of trying to be in different situations that can throw some light on my daily life routine, so I can be aware of the things that I often take for granted. In this case, it is how easy it is for me to go get groceries and pretty much everything that I need. Here at Bornhack, the nearest shopping option is 8 kilometers away – So it is needed to plan a bit ahead when it comes to, what to buy.

While we were out shopping, I was asked if I wanted to join the Prosa food-group, where they make food together. This meant better food and good company. So, how could I say no to this?


When we got back to the Bornhack campsite, I decided that I wanted to start building on a new project. For some time, I have seen the same issue when I go to different tech events (Hackathon, LAN, GameJam, CTF, etc.). At some point, people wish to order take away food, but often there is some confusion about when there will be placed an order, from where who have ordered what and most importantly who have paid to whom? So, this would make a cool simple Django project that I could work on.

Since the solution will need the typical stuff like “user auth”, I wanted to just use a skeleton solution that would have these things implemented by default. I found a project on GitHub called “Edge” ( that was exactly what I need, so I followed their instructions to get up and running. Now, that was all went pretty good and the solution would run fine when executing it from the CLI. So, I started PyCharm (which is my favorite Python IDE) and wanted to work with the project from here. I am 100% sure that it is possible to make it work with PyCharm, but I spend a lot of time trying to set up the configuration for the project, so that I could run it from the IDE, but I kept getting strange problems with elements that suddenly was missing and references it didn’t accept. After maybe two hours of still not having it up and running smoothly, I threw the towel into the ring and decided to start a project from scratch and make the “standard” implementations I needed myself.

I think that the moon and stars must have been standing in a weird position because I had soooo many problems getting it to work for me. When trying to implement the User management, I was sent around to pages I did not expect and exceptions got thrown around when trying to make “simple” stuff. This was clearly not my day for writing code. In the end, I got the basic foundation up and running (more or less) but it also took me all day! Petty….


I decided not to spend more time on the computer for today and went to join the food-group for dinner. The original plan was we were going to BBQ some pork, chicken, and sausages. With rice and a sauce on the side. It all looked sooo good, BUT, when the sauce was done and should be taken off the hob, the handles of the pot was so hot that the guy who made it dropped it on the floor. Rice has never been drier to eat – But it was still a good meal.


The last event of the evening that I was looking super much forward to, was the second and final qualification of the hacker jeopardy competition, and did we get a show for our money!!

First off, one of the team members competing was way too drunk and started yelling at people, throwing stuff at the gamemaster and just being a complete dick! But what was even more interesting, was that one of the team just nailed every, single, hardcore question that came up. So, After the first round they was so much in the lead that that seemed impossible to beat. But, in the second round, when the final question came up, they decided to forfeit the entire competition and told that they had hacked the game earlier that day, so they actually knew all the questions to the answers (questions to answers… it’s jeopardy). Sooo funny and cool much into what could be expected at a hacker camp.