Bornhack (Day 5)

Aug. 21, 2018, 11:27 a.m.
By: silverbaq

Time flies when you're having fun! And that is just so true here at Bornhack. The day started with me driving a friend to the ferry at 05:00 am (way to early!) – But that’s just how it is when there is a limited number of “take-offs”. But it also gave me the chance to enjoy the island from an early morning perspective, which was pretty nice!

I am a morning person, but my tent was already too hot to stay in when I got back. Since I am getting less and less sleep here at Bornhack, I start to feel the need sleeping all day when I get back home. So, liters and liters of coffee for today!


It is the last day for the CTF, we were still in the lead and only a few challenges had been unsolved. So, it looked pretty good! I didn’t spend much time on the missing challenges. At the end, we did win, and let to prize go to the members of our team whom made the biggest effort – Seems only fair.


For the most of the day, I spend once again hanging out in the Prosa tent, there is shade, good amount of space for all my equipment and others to socialize with while hacking away. I decided to give yesterday’s project another go, and this time I had much more success getting things working the way I wanted it to be – Seems like this day has a lot of “wins” in it.


Bornhack has a “Code of Conduct”, where one of the things is that you should respect everyone at the event, and you will be banned if you say or do stuff which can be offence to someone – This I found especially interesting, since Bornhack had a celebration for the “30 years of Danish hip-hop”, where they played a selection of Danish hip-hop songs. They were pretty offence to a lot of different categories of people… my question is, did they think this through?