Bornhack (Day 6)

Aug. 22, 2018, 11:41 a.m.
By: silverbaq

While drinking my morning coffee, I realized that this is the second last day at the camp (Noooo!).

So, this means I better enjoy and just get the most out of everything. Looking at the program of the day – There are a few talks coming up that sounds very interesting.

  • Investigating Targeted Surveillance: States and non-State actors are increasingly using digital surveillance to target human rights activists and civil society organizations. In this talk we will discuss how these types of targeted attacks are carried out. We will also discuss these attacks can be detected, investigated and evidence collected. We will illustrate the current state of play by showing some case studies from our recent investigations into human rights abuses.
  • Experiences in disclosure: In this talk I will share my experiences as grey hat disclosing found vulnerabilities, I will also cover the legal implications and risks of grey hat testing.


Besides that, we the finals for the Hacker-jeopardy is on for tonight. So, lots of cool stuff to be entertained with.

Before I went here to Bornhack, I really wanted to go and do some sightseeing on Bornholm, but in retrospective, there have been so many cool things here at the camp, that I haven’t really manage to pull myself away yet. Therefore, today have to be the day where I get out of the camp other than when I need to buy food. Together with two others guys from the camp, we decided to go for a swim down at the beach. It is not the warmest day, but it’s fine enough for a swim.

The beach here is very nice! Very sandy ocean floor, you can get out to a distance and still stand on the ground and even though the water was a bit cold, it was a super nice swim!


When we got back from our swim, it was time for the two talks that I wanted to go and see. The first one was very cool! They explained how they found the errors that hackers have made in their exploits which would lead back to whom they were. Stuff likeGooglee automatically adding information such an email and name, since this was featured from other services running on the hacker’s machines, where the hackers wasn’t aware that those service would actually to this stuff. I was cool to see and hear the different steps they went through to discover the persons behind the hacks - Amazing stuff.

The other talk was not as good. It was not bad, but it was very messy performed, and the speaker was just looking at one person sitting at the one side, like he was just telling him something.


Rest of the day, I spend on hanging out in the Prosa tent, working on my “Take Away” application – Still a long way to go, but it is starting to get some functionality.

Here at Bornhack, I have seen sooooo many people drinking something called “Club-mate”, which is some kind of energy drink I guess. I got very curious about this drink now that so many are drinking it. I went to the Bornhack bar to buy one… NEVER AGAIN! That is the most disgusting drink ever made! FFS!!

I ended the day of by going to watch the Hacker-jeopardy. It was not as good as the second qualification round, but it was still fairly fun to watch – I am a big fan of this type of event…